Keepsake Urns and Lockets

This is a special range of urns and lockets will have that will only hold a small amount of your baby’s ashes but you can take them with you or maybe a few family members can have a little bit of their best friends ashes with them.

These Keepsake urns and lockets do not include cremation cost.


Brass Hearts Shape Urn

These are a keepsake urn that may not hold all of your little ones ashes. Some families may have their pets ashes returned in a separate urn and just have a small amount of ash in the heart. You can choose to have either a presentation box or a stand to compliment the brass heart.

Small 75mm x 75mm $75.00
Large 100mm x 110mm $99.00


Brass Keepsake Urn

Only capable of holding the ashes of a very small pet or just a small part of you special friends ashes. Screw top lid and comes with a special plaque with your little ones name on it.

Small 65mm high $49.00



Memorial Key Rings

We have a selection of keepsake key rings that you can place a small amount of ash or a lock of hair in and have it with you at all times.

Key rings from - $39.50

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